Wellcome to our family

This is what you should know..

Most likely you are here because you are interested in our brand promotion. Before sending us any information read carefully the requirements you need to get to be an sponsored artist by Benny Drums.


The definition of an "endorser":

An artist who works for a brand and receives its sponsorship must be someone fully committed and confident with a particular brand. In other words, instruments as belonging to that brand are the best and only product which the artist wants to play and use, being  who will support the brand and not the opposite.  Benny Drums simply values this support through an official commitment that may be successful depending on the artista visibility, being possible  our brand collaboration with him in a higher level. In this way, the artist must be willing to collaborate with public identity on promotion brand activities .

An appropiate artist´s  involvement and ongoing interest along with Benny Drums coordination and supporting in different typus of actions, will bring increased benefits.

The artist will have a special price in new material procurement as well as Benny´s support and recommendations on issues related to new drum or snare building .

In the same way Benny will be able to collaborate or promote specific actions with the artist depending on the circumstances. So, how can you become a Benny Drums endorser?: When we accept an artist with the category of endorser, we are opening up  our house, joining him in our team, being our friend and supporting him what is possible, that´s why we want to know in detail  people we "adopt".

 The list of specific criteria depends on the support that the artist is looking for, anyway and previosly, there are three fundamental pillars on which the rest of considerations are based:

  • Character: Each and every one of our artists has unique identity and we wanted to create a family together. Music is an art and it must be treated as such, so we consider as relevant the welfare of the artist. It will also mean a  higher commitment on his part.

  • Show: As mentioned previously, the musician´s popularity is essential. As you can imagine, to promote someone who only plays at home is not viable for us, we need you to be visible.

  • Loyalty: We are delighted to work with people who really believe in the sound we can offer and choose our brand convinced to perform their own music. We will reject any endorser of different brand just intending to belong to Benny  for economic reasons or other issues. If you join us it's because you believe in Benny Drums and then we will be able  believe in you as well.

Now that you know better our philosophy and working method, you´ll be able better to decide if you have a similar mindset and want to join Benny Drums as an endorser. Don´t hesitate to contact us and talk to us with any questions or just to request further information. Be honest with yourself and if you don´t feel convinced or with the necessary motivation now, wait for the right moment. We will be happy to deal with you if you decide to go ahead and know us.

We wish you the best in your musical and personal career.

Benny Drums family.

Once convinced, do you want to be part of the family?

This is what you need to do ...

Send an email to info@bennydrums.es about  your music band or activities, number of  live gigs you usually perform within a year, send us your press kit if you have it , facebook, instagram ... all previous information will be useful.

We also want you to tell us what has led you to take part of Benny and what are your reasons, objectives, aspirations, etc., you already know that the personal side is important for us.

We promise to attend your request and call you in person to meet us and see what we could do together.

Thank for your confidence!!

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